Michael Libow Fan Club 2013-2014

It’s been a while since we updated this site. We gained a whole bunch of new members for the Micheal Libow fan club. In case you aren’t familiar, Michael Libow is a real estate agent in Beverly Hills. He sells multi-million dollar houses to the rich and famous in and around L.A. He’s a rockstar (his band broke up but rumor has it he’s putting something together? We keep checking his Twitter account to see when and if the next concert will be) and a philanthropist. When we last left you guys, we were planning a huge “WE LOVE MICHAEL” rally at his latest concert….but our tour bus broke down and we had to resort to siphoning gas from Tim’s VW bus. No worries, we got our act together this time and are ready to roll!

So if you haven’t already purchased your Michael Libow fan club membership, you need to contact me immediately. Just drop a comment in the comment section and let us know how you’d like to pay. In the kit you will receive an official “We Love the Libow” tshirt, membership card (I’m a card-carrying member since 2010) and map to his home. We ask that you don’t go knocking on his front door (as that would be totally rude) but you can take pictures of the famous Witches House that he lives in and maintains. Seriously, this thing is awesome! There are other stars homes in and around where Michael Libow lives in Beverly Hills. Also, if you’re in the market for a super cool and super exclusive house, just head on over to his real estate website (http://michaellibow.com/) to see some of the awesome homes he has for sale.

If you guys have any questions feel free to drop me a line in the comments section. We will be updating this fan site more regularly from here on out.

Peace out!

(Just look at that thing! Sitting in the middle of Beverly Hills is a fairy tale Hansel-and-Gretel house!)